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Apr 18, 2014 by Xerox

Highlights from Xerox's Simple@Work Event

Xerox has always been about simplifying the way work gets done. So we created an event held March 18-19 in New York City for strategic customers and business partner to come together and experience this—while giving them access to the best speakers ...
Apr 24, 2013 by Xerox

Xerox Uses Power of Data with Ignite Educator System to Transform K-12 Education

Eric Hamby, Xerox principal scientist, and elementary teachers discuss how the Xerox Ignite Educator Support System enables teachers to quickly access pertinent views of the data and focus on meeting the needs of individual students.
Apr 09, 2013 by Xerox Corporation

WDS, A Xerox Company, Experience Podcast - Episode 3 on Mobile Loyalty Audit 2013

Are you a loyalist, a mercenary, a defector, or a captive? Whatever your level of satisfaction, this can easily be impacted by poor network, security breaches or billing issues, but dive deeper and there are a few more myths to be busted.
Feb 13, 2013 by Xerox

WDS Experience Podcast - Series 2, Episode 1 on WDS Trends 2013 #1 - The Predictors

Each year WDS, A Xerox Company, releases its 10 industry trends. Now in its fourth year ‘the predictors’ seek to provide comment on trends that will be pertinent and relevant in the coming 12 months
Nov 14, 2012 by Xerox

Putting telecom's loyalty through the blender

What is loyalty, what are the financial benefits of loyalty to a carrier or hardware brand and how can this be grown and managed? Primarily consumers are easily swayed on price are rarely or truly loyal, and mapping the intricacies of customer ...
Oct 26, 2012 by Xerox

Battery performance: A powerless comparison?

Aug 21, 2012 by Xerox

Xerox CrossSafe video showing violation in Frederick County Maryland

Jul 18, 2012 by Xerox

Healthcare Forum Background and Highlights

Jul 09, 2012 by Xerox

Dynamic pricing makes parking simple

Jun 06, 2012 by Xerox

Xerox CEO On-stage at ITS America’s 22nd Annual Meeting

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